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Updated on Wednesday 08th September 2021

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The procedure on how to immigrate to Taiwan is enforced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; in order to start the immigration process, foreigners are required to apply for a visa. In Taiwan, there are two main categories of visas – visitor visas and resident visas (the latter grant the right to living in Taiwan for a given period of time, while the first can be used only for visiting the country). Of course, there are also investor visas, which will be presented in this article. 
Thus, regardless if you are a foreigner who wants to relocate here or visit the country or you want to open a company in Taiwan, you will need to apply for a visa designed for your particular situation. Here, our team of specialists in company registration in Taiwan can be of help. 

How to immigrate to Taiwan for business purposes 

In order to relocate to this country for investment purposes, such as investing in a local company or a development project or for the purpose of starting the Taiwan company formation process, foreigners will have to obtain a specific type of visa, that is suitable for their needs. For this, they must qualify accordingly and meet criteria related to age, investment threshold, business experience and others. Below, our team of consultants in company formation in Taiwan has prepared a short presentation on the main visas foreigners can obtain: 
  • foreigner investor visa – qualifying investors can obtain the visa and residency in Taiwan if they can invest at least NT$ 6 million in a new company or an existing business;
  • entrepreneur visa – it is available for foreign businessmen able to invest at least NT$ 2 million and can provide the right to residency for a year;
  • the Plum Blossom Card – it can be used for investments of minimum NT$ 15 million in a local company that has created at least 5 new jobs;
  • the Plum Blossom Card – it can also be used for investments in government bonds, where the investment is of at least NT$ 30 million;
  • the Resident Investor Visa for investors from Macau and Hong Kong – the visa system is created for the nationals of these two countries, who can invest at least NT$ 6 million either in an existing company, either by opening a company in Taiwan

What are the fees charged for those who immigrate to Taiwan?

When starting the process to immigrate to Taiwan, you will be asked to pay certain fees, imposed by the consular missions and the immigration authorities of the country. The fees for the issuance of the visas are charged by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, as follows: 
  • the fees are charged in accordance with the regulations of the Article 14 of the Statute Governing the Issuance of Republic of China (Taiwan) Visas in Foreign Passports;
  • the fees for visitor visas are charged for single entry visas (the fee is of NT$ 1,600 per each application made in Taiwan and for applications made overseas, the fee is of US$50), while multiple entry visas cost NT$3,200 for applications made in Taiwan and US$100 for overseas applications);
  • for resident visas, the single entry visa fee is of NT$2,200 for applications made in Taiwan, while for applications made from overseas, the fee is of US$66;
  • multiple entry resident visa fee is charged with NT$4,400 (application made in Taiwan) and with US$132 (applications made from overseas);
  • those who want to reapply for any visa type are charged with a fee of NT$800. 

Obtain a Resident Visa for Investment in Taiwan

Foreign investors who want to immigrate to Taiwan can apply for a Resident Visa for Investment. Our team of consultants in company registration in Taiwan can provide legal advice on the documents that you must prepare for this procedure and below you can find out few details regarding the steps one has to complete for this visa type. 
Some of the basic requirements that have to be fulfilled are to invest at least $200,000 in the local economy (one can invest in an existing company) and to live in Taiwan for at least 183 days per year in order to have the right to maintain the residency in this country. 
Foreigners must know that this visa provides certain advantages besides the right to residency. For instance, successful applicants can bring in this country their spouse and dependent children. Besides these, foreigners can be entitled to obtain permanent residency after living here for at least 5 years. 
However, in order to permanently immigrate to Taiwan under this visa program, the investor must make the proof of having a monthly income of minimum twice the average salary set up in Taiwan; another compulsory requirement is to make the proof of having a net worth of minimum NT$ 5 million. If you need additional information, please contact our team of consultants in company registration in Taiwan.