Obtaining Residence Permit in Taiwan

Updated on Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Foreign citizens who have regular passports or other travel documents and want to live in Taiwan for more than six months in order to join their families, to effectuate their studies, work, invest, do missionary work or do other accepted activities are eligible for the residence permit in Taiwan. In this article, our company formation consultants in Taiwan explain a few aspects related to obtaining this type of visa here.

The alien resident certificate in Taiwan

An alien resident certificate in Taiwan enables foreign citizens who work and/or study in this country to stay up to three years without having to apply again for a resident permit.
The multiple entry or re-entry is allowed, however, this certificate does not provide working rights or other benefits which a permanent residency confers.
Our Taiwan company formation agents can provide more details on the alien resident certificate in this country. We can also help entrepreneurs who wish to open a company in Taiwan.

The alien permanent resident certificate in Taiwan

Foreigners who have lived for a prolonged time in the country and intend to remain here for an indefinite time frame can apply for the alien permanent resident certificate in Taiwan.
This certificate provides important rights, such as the right to work in Taiwan, to reside overseas for maximum six months and so on.
The applications for this resident certificate is made through the National Immigration Agency in Taiwan.

Requirements for obtaining the residence permit in Taiwan

To be able to obtain the residence permit in Taiwan, the following requirements have to be met:
A passport which is valid for minimum six months;
A filled in visa application with two photos;
Supporting documentation and official letters of approval from an appropriate authority of Taiwan;
A health certificate, upon request;
If the applicant intends to work in the country:
    o A letter from the employer in Taiwan attesting the employment;
    o A work permission issued by the local authorities.
Other documents: our Taiwan company registration advisors can provide further information about these other documents.
If you have questions about obtaining the residence permit in Taiwan, or for assistance to set up a company in Taiwan, please get in touch with us.