Obtain a Residence Permit Taiwan

Updated on Thursday 30th September 2021

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In order to obtain a residence permit in Taiwan a foreigner must apply for a residence visa. The procedure requires the applicant to submit a large set of documents, that will be presented in this article. However, if you need further information on the legal steps that have to be followed and you want to invest in this country as well, you can always rely on our team of consultants in company registration in Taiwan, who have the necessary legal background in order to represent you.  

Apply for a residence permit in Taiwan 

The need to apply for a residence permit depends on the duration of the stay in Taiwan. If you plan to stay here for less than six months, then you must make the necessary arrangements in order to obtain a visitor visa. However, for stays with a duration longer than six months, the residence visa is necessary. 
This type of visa is required when you arrive here with the intention to set up a company in Taiwan, for employment or study, joining family members who live here or for other purposes that are recognized under the local law. In order to be able to apply for the residence visa, the following basic conditions have to be fulfilled: 
  • the passport of the applicant will be valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival in Taiwan;
  • add to the application 2 photos with a size of 45mm x 35 mm taken no longer than 6 months prior to the application date;
  • present bank statements from your bank account, issued in the last 3 months;
  • pay a fee of $160 if you are an applicant from the United States of America; 
  • the fee for applicants for other states is of $66 (issued for single-entry visas). 
The resident permit in Taiwan is known as the Alien Residence Certificate, which is issued once the foreigner has obtained a residence visa. The Alien Residence Certificate is issued from the local police headquarters in Taiwan, which is nearest to the place where the foreigner lives. 
Please mind that this document must be issued in a period of 15 days since the date of arrival. If you want to apply for a residence visa, please mind that the local authorities issue various types of residence visas, in accordance with the purpose of stay. According to the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), currently there are 13 types of residence visas that grant the right to a residence permit
The visas that can be used a way of gaining a residence permit in Taiwan are divided into the following categories: entrepreneur visas, business or work visas, joining family members and studying here.  For foreigners who want to open a company in Taiwan, there is the option to apply for the Resident Visa for Entrepreneurs

What is the process of obtaining a Resident Visa for Entrepreneurs in Taiwan? 

For those interested in a residence permit for the purpose of Taiwan company formation, the law stipulates the one can obtain the Residence Visa for Entrepreneurs. Our team of consultants in company registration in Taiwan can provide legal representation in this process, and in the following section, our team has prepared a short description of what this process entails. 
Thus, if you want to receive the residence permit in Taiwan for business purposes, you will have to fill in a standard application form (completed online) and to comply with the above mentioned requirements, which are basic requirements regardless of the residence visa one applies for. 
Then, the applicant must comply with the conditions stipulated by the Examination Directions of Entrepreneur Visa Qualification for Foreign Nationals. The application will be reviewed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, along with other institutions that can be involved. In order to receive the visa, the foreigner must receive a positive answer from the competent institutions that will verify the application. 
If the application receives a positive answer, then the foreign investor will have the right to open a company in Taiwan and relocate here under a residence permit. Please mind that the application for a residence permit in Taiwan must be started prior to the arrival in this country. The procedure begins with the consular missions or embassies operating in the home country of the investor. 
It is also important to know that, according to the laws in Taiwan, the issuance of a visa is seen as an act of sovereignty. Thus, the local institutions maintain the right to reject applications without providing a reason for the respective action. This is why we highly recommend you to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Taiwan prior to starting your application, as you can receive important information and advice that can increase the chances of receiving a positive answer to your visa application.